Brown house snakes are excellent at pest control

Snake activity is increasing, especially in the hot summer months. Bluff-based professional snake catcher, Warren Dick, can attest to this, having had his fair share of recent encounters with the brown house snake. He has made many requests for help catching and relocating snakes from neighbors’ gardens.

“After struggling with rat infestations for many years, I decided to release some large brown house snakes into my garden. I have been seeing rats on my property for over two years and I live near a busy shopping mall. They really are nature’s pest controllers,” Warren said.

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Identification: Light to dark brown with a pearly white belly. These snakes can be up to a meter and a half long, although nowadays it is rare to find one over a meter. Two pale white stripes on either side of the face are the most distinctive features of the house brown snake, the stripes can extend to the snake’s tail. Young people and some adults may have a pattern on their body. Recently close white individuals with blue eyes have been bred for the pet trade.

Favorite food: Mice, rats, lizards and small birds.

Traditions: This harmless constrictor is probably the most common snake in South Africa. They are good to have in the garden to reduce the number of rodents. They do not hesitate to bite in self-defense, even if they are not hit or poisoned, they have several sharp teeth that can draw blood. These snakes are harmless to humans and animals.

To remove or identify snakes, contact Warren on 072 211 0353 or follow the conversation on Facebook, Warren’s Small World.

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